Training Your Cat to Sit on Your Lap

Cats are known for their independence, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be trained to sit on your lap. With patience, persistence and the right techniques, you can teach your cat to be a lap cat in no time.

Step 1: Make Your Lap Comfortable

Before you start training your cat to sit on your lap, you need to make sure that your lap is comfortable for them. This means keeping it warm, soft and inviting. You can achieve this by adding a blanket or cushion to your lap, or by wearing comfortable clothing that your cat enjoys touching.

Step 2: Start with Treats

One of the easiest ways to train a cat to sit on your lap is by using treats. You can start by placing a treat on your lap and encouraging your cat to come over and take it. Once they have taken the treat, gently pet them and give them praise. Repeat this process several times a day until your cat starts to associate your lap with positive experiences.

Step 3: Gradually Increase the Length of Time

Once your cat is comfortable taking treats from your lap, you can start to gradually increase the length of time they spend on your lap. Start by placing a treat on your lap and allowing your cat to sit there for a few seconds to eat it. Gradually increase the amount of time they spend on your lap until they are comfortable staying there for longer periods of time.

Step 4: Use Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is one of the most effective ways to train a cat. Whenever your cat sits on your lap, be sure to pet them, give them treats and praise them for their good behavior. This will help to reinforce the positive association between your lap and good experiences for your cat.

Step 5: Be Patient

Remember, training a cat takes time and patience. Don’t expect your cat to sit on your lap immediately, and don’t become frustrated if they don’t seem to be making progress. Keep at it and eventually, your cat will become a lap cat in no time.


Training a cat to sit on your lap is a great way to bond with your feline friend and make them feel loved and appreciated. With the right techniques and a little bit of patience, you can teach your cat to be a lap cat in no time. Just remember to be consistent, use positive reinforcement and be patient, and you and your cat will have a great time together.

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