Do Cats Understand When They Are Kissed?

Kissing our furry feline friends is a common way for us to show affection towards them. But do cats understand what a kiss is and the emotions behind it? The answer is not straightforward and varies from cat to cat.

Cats and Physical Touch

Cats are known for their love of physical touch, especially when it comes to being petted or stroked. This type of physical contact releases endorphins in cats, causing them to feel relaxed and happy. However, not all cats enjoy being kissed or hugged, as some may find it overwhelming or uncomfortable.

Cats and Understanding Emotions

Cats are not capable of understanding complex human emotions such as love, but they are able to sense and respond to our emotions. For example, if you are feeling happy and affectionate towards your cat, they may respond by purring or rubbing against you. However, this does not necessarily mean that they understand what a kiss is or the emotions behind it.

How Cats Respond to Kisses

The way a cat responds to kisses depends on their individual personality and past experiences. Some cats may enjoy being kissed and will rub their heads against you for more, while others may become irritated and try to escape. If your cat seems uncomfortable or uninterested in kisses, it’s best to respect their boundaries and not force physical affection on them.


In conclusion, cats may not understand what a kiss is or the emotions behind it, but they are able to sense and respond to our affection towards them. The best way to show love towards your cat is to understand their individual preferences and respect their boundaries when it comes to physical affection.

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